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Thread: 1915 Crescent Bandsaw

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    1915 Crescent Bandsaw

    as promised in the turning section!

    this is my oldest tool, other than the odd handtool

    its a 1915 (or so) crescent 20 inch bandsaw. i picked it up a couple of years ago from a hobby machinist who was using it for aluminum and brass

    im posting just a couple of pics, but i do have detail pics of the entire restoration

    first is the picture from the kijiji ad(canadian version of craigslist), its powered by a tiny 1/2 hp mounted on a hinged plate hanging on a 1 inch steelrod drilled right through the main casting(shameful!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    next as an "in progress" pic. they were'nt too fussy about the appearence of castings in 1915, afterall WW1 was having an effect on the entire north american manufacturing situation
    the main casting is hollow, made from 2 mold halves. there was a large amount of filler required at the seams plus of course the big hole drilled for the junky motor mount

    Click image for larger version. 

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    the final product, its powered by a 1940's delta 1 hp repulse induction motor running on 240

    Click image for larger version. 

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    lots of detail pics are available, this was my most ambtious rebuild to date!

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    A beautiful restoration Steve. Amazing how different that saw looks without it wheels on. I do appreciate the guards you have made but still think I would pass on using it, when a blade breaks I don't think I want to be the person standing in front of it.

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    others have said that too, but i did have a blade come off once before the guards, very nondramatic, it just stopped moving the second it came off the wheels

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    That looks like a beast of a machine, nice job on the restoration.

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    Very nice job on the restoration. It looks great.

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    That a very cool old machine.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't think if the blade broke it would be that big of a thing usually. I was helping a friend with his sawmill a bit back. He had the blade cover off for some reason or the other that escapes me now. Anyway, the blade rolled off the rollers and it just dropped onto the wood almost directly below it. I don't think it went more than 4" from the rollers. But, then again that's a 4" wide bandsaw blade and don't ask me how long. All I can tell you is that it was a 30" sawmill. Still, it did make me jump a bit and I was behind it.

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    You have some nice looking equipment Steve.

    I passed up on a very slightly newer saw of a similar size and capability for a reasonable price not to far away and still have a few pangs of regret..
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    here's a few shots from the rebuild

    babbitt bearing on the lower wheel, it got a slight reaming and reshimming, the upper wheel is a steel shaft running in the cast iron housing.

    the upper wheel shaft was running hot until i found the right lube(30 w oil), now it runs nice and cool

    shop made guides both above and below table, they are just regular ball bearings on adjustable bolts

    it uses a 122 inch blade

    i rebuilt the motor, it was in great shape, i replaced the bearings anyway. brushes and commutator were fine. the brush system is for starting the motor rather than the more modern capacitor and centrifugal switch type motor
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC00592.JPG   DSC00591.JPG   1006.jpg   046.JPG   044.JPG  

    001 (3).JPG   001 (2).JPG  
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    Great looking machine. Nice job !!
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