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Thread: Finally turned one out

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    Finally turned one out

    Hey All, Just finished my first major piece from my recent desert ironwood score. It's for my wife for Mothers Day. It was a quite a challenge, espically roughing out the blank, plus the dust was super-fine and super-nasty. I chose a pretty basic form because; a) the wood was completely dry and difficult to turn, b) my skills and turning tools were limited and, c) I wanted the "eye candy" of the wood to do the talking and not some wild form. It is 11.5" wide and 5.5" tall. The walls are about 3/8" thick and a little thicker at the bottom. This wood could have been turned very thin, but I wanted the extra heft to be part of the bowl's character. It was a pretty solid blank, I filled any cracks with epoxy and/or CA. Wet sanded to 1000 grit and finished with a couple of coats of wax. I'll probably not make another bowl from this because of the difficulty and it waste so much of the rare wood. Thanks for looking! Barry
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    Absolutely gorgeous! Well done!
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    Barry.......gorgeous bowl and the wood is stunning! Absolutely stunning!

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    Geez Barry, when you decide to make one, man you make a nice one! :cap:

    I sure do agree with you on the the "eye candy" of the wood to do the talking" bit, and boy is it talking!

    What will you use the wood for, if not for bowls?

    Sure would make a TON of very nice looking pens

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    I know you end up with a lot of shavings but with results like that, I wouldn't call it "waste".
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    Absolutely gorgeous, Barry!

    What you lack in tools you seem to make up quite nicely in talent/patience. Well done.


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    Shweeeet! That's gorgeous wood, and you did a great job of finding the bowl hiding inside. Thanks for the pics, Barry.
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    Very nice wood. I also like the form AND the finish. You did er PROUD!


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    Barry that is a beauty. I really like the wood and finish. Nice job.
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    Absotively posilutely gorgeous!!!!!!

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