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Thread: Wood carving of Clint Eastwood....I think?

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    Wood carving of Clint Eastwood....I think?

    I gave it my best shot at carving Clint Eastwood....It didn't come out the best...I worked and worked on this thing but I just couldn't quite get it right....I wasn't going to show it but what the heck...I'll show it anyway good or bad....Also...Even the pictures didn't turn out right. Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey Steve, its still a pretty good carving by my book! Thanks for sharing even (and especially) if you're not entirely happy with it.

    The proportions are perhaps a wee bit off here and there, he has an interesting/challenging face so I can see it being an interesting project.

    I was meaning to ask how you do the layout transfer from the picture to the carving? I've been largely printing out pieces of paper and carving through them, but that's kind of hard on the chisels (paper has a lot of abrasives) and doesn't work so well for multiple layers (in which case I'm just sketching in with somewhat mixed results).
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    I agree this isn't as close of likeness as some of your other carvings, but I'm not artist enough to say what's off in this one. I do know I couldn't even come close to this quality of carving. Great job, even it it didn't quite hit your target.
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    Ryan...To be honest with you I just draw it in...Back in the 70's I self taught myself to paint pictures of baseball players...Actually Pete Rose had a picture I painted of him that hung in his restaurant for several years... CBS "60 Minutes" in 1979 did a story on Pete and they zoomed in on that picture....You used to be able to watch that video for free @ not anymore....I sold all of my painting except for two....Here's a couple of the first pictures that I ever painted: Click image for larger version. 

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    Vaughn...Yeah, I wish I could have done a better job....I would guess that I have painted, drawn, or chalked over a hundred pictures of people in my family or people I know or don't know and yet, I've found that carving three dimensional is many degrees harder then painting two dimensional...It's a whole different ballgame for me that can humble one real quick.

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