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Thread: They're here! They're here!

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    They're here! They're here!

    For a burger lover like me, only one thing is better than seeing Vidalia onions show up at the market....that's home grown tomatoes. But this morning I got a only 70 days (+/-) to the tomatoes.
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    I'm with you, Fred. Loves me some Vidalias and 'maters.

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    I prefer Yakima's over Vidalias. Now tomatoes well living in Arizona I am kinda spoiled. We have been in our growing season for some time.
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    Yep, I started noticing the truckloads of Vidalias being sold in parking lots around town this last week. Here in Albuquerque, it's all done by the Shriners.
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    The vidalia onion growing region is a few miles up the road from us, but we have to wait until the official shipping date just like everyone else. Being the official state vegetable of Georgia, there is a special reverence for them here.
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