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Thread: It's Friday - 5/6/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 5/6/2016 Edition

    Well, made it through another week here. It almost feels like a 3 day weekend as the grandson went to his dad's early and I got some extra shop time in. He'll be coming home early Sunday for mothers day. I've got some small tasks to finish on the downstairs bath, then get started on waterlines for moving the washer to it's new location. I need to work on the pool equipment this weekend and get it ready for opening and may open the pool if all that goes well.

    So what's on everyone else's plate?

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    I will be setting up my lathe area properly, making a sharpening jig, and making candle holders. What else?

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    I'm in my shop now working on a small veneered panel for a project LOML requested - left it in the vacuum press overnight - need to clean the edges, then put a cherry frame around it.

    Saturday will be some continued shop cleanup and re-organization. It's not bad, but doesn't need to get any worse!!! The race is Saturday night, so I'll be watching that.

    Sunday should be mostly a day of rest after I do brunch. Later, I'll throw a couple of ribeye steaks on the grill for a special meal for LOML.
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    Brought up a trailer load of wood last night. Got rained out last Saturday and before that was sick. So tomorrow is the last Saturday before Mom and Dad come home (Monday). So, if the boys can make it otherwise CJ and I will be building the ramp for my house for Mom and Dad to get in easier. Will try to take pictures and post it later. Even though I have yet to post of the meet up with Jim and Mida Sunday will be cleaning up and probably trying to figure out a railing system. We'll see how it goes!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Working on my shed in the RAIN

    Cleaning my OVERLY congested MESSY shop. Amazing how that happens

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    All of my garage/shop organizing and rearranging plans last week were shelved by nasty weather. Looks like this weekend will be more cooperative, so I hope to get a lot of things moved and rearranged out there this time around.
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    Working on a new set of steps for the deck.

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    Loading my dad's truck with old fence parts tonight. Tomorrow early morning taking that load out to a friends burn pile and then off to get new fence parts. Dug 2 holes this week for 2 new posts. Will hang 6 new panels once they are set to go. Could rain though so hoping to at least get everything out and the new materials to the back yard before that happens. Sunday will be ribs in the smoker for the wife and doing whatever she wants....the girl will help out with all that as well.

    Happy Friday All!
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    As far as I know I will be turning on Saturday. Storms are supposed to set in again on Sunday so who knows. I have a hackberry tree down on literally on the wrong side of a creek. Was over by it yesterday and the creek is still too high to get the loader to it. So, I'll just go with the flow and see what happens. Did tractor mowing all day yesterday and from about 8am this morning to about noon. The rest of today is goofing off.

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    TGIF, I'm off to hunt Saturday and Sunday with an old friend for the weekend.
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