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Thread: Lathe Upgrade - Product Gloat, but not Price Gloat

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    Lathe Upgrade - Product Gloat, but not Price Gloat

    I am happy to have my new lathe in it's final home. I have some ballast to add and will have to workout moving it an inch here and and an inch there, but no more excuses...

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    Looking forward to some pictures of the projects you're sure to get on this baby. Enjoy!!


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    Whoo Hoo!!

    I have the DVR 3000 and like it very much.

    On the XP they made some good upgrades!

    When the buget allows, get the extention bed, makes a BIG diffrence, I'm sorry I waited so long to get one for mine.

    Just the ease of moving the tail stock out of the way is worth it!

    Now you are cooking with gas!!
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    Congrats, Thomas! That's a sweet lathe...time to get it dusty.
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    Thomas congrats on the new lathe. You are going to like it. I just got mine a month and a half ago. I just love the thing. Now get it dusty and post some pics.
    Bernie W.

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    nice score thomas!
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    Nice lathe! I currently have an old Rockwell Beaver but the Nova DVR XP is on my shopping list. It would be great if you (and Bernie!) write up a review of your experiences with the lathe.

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