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Thread: Goodbye bloatware

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    Goodbye bloatware

    So a few weeks back I ordered a new laptop. I received it yesterday, it runs Windows 10 Home version, but though it was an i7 processor, lots of ram, and an ssd main drive, things were slow. Well long story short, I tried to transfer my pro license from my old laptop to this one and it was a complete failure. So last resort was taken and I reloaded windows fresh, wiping the disks.

    So prior to the restore, I had about 60 gb used of my 128GB SSD drive, post update, it's 34 gB used (only the OS resides on this drive). Granted some of that was due to the pro update, but still, that is a lot of bloatware. I did have to download the drivers again from the laptop vendor, but took about 10 minutes total and things are running a whole lot faster and I don't have any odd pop-ups and such from the laptop vendor annoying me. I won't recommend everyone jumps in and does this, but I won't hesitate to do it again.

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    I TOTALLY agree that a fresh install of windows ONLY is a breath of fresh air.

    ALL of the sellers install massive amounts of TRASH.

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    What you are talking about there is one reason I build my own desktops. Then I am installing my Windows and only whatever else I want on the machine. I don't have a laptop but I know that if you buy a new desktop from Dell, HP, or whoever they have a lot of junk loaded to irritate ya. Laptops I am sure have the same problem. I don't blame you at all for what you did. In fact my hat is off to you! Good job. I don't like 10 and am running 7. I will run 7 until the support for it runs out like I did with XP. Good Job, my man!

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    Darren this is exactly where i am at with my Lenovo x230t tablet.

    I have a while to go with my extended warranty but when thats done i am wiping my ssd and fresh install of windows not sure yet what version. I run pro 7 now but may change to 10.
    Thanks for sharing that update.

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