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Thread: Auxiliary Router Fence

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    Auxiliary Router Fence

    Since I've added the router table wing and new fence to the table saw I felt that an auxiliary router fence was in order. I wanted something I could hook up dust collection to so after a bit of research I decided on this style fence. The faces are adjustable from zero to three inches and I will eventually make a couple hold downs to use with the tee slot. The clamps came with a 3x18 belt sander, their purpose was to clamp the sander upside down to a bench, something I never had a use for so they have been laying in a drawer till I could find a use for them.

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    Very good solution for router fence. Been looking at moving router to same location and worried about dust collection. Also the use of table saw fence, good idea. Think I'll steal a hint or two.

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    Nice. I did something similar a few years ago, but like the clamp idea and the plexi top to see inside.

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    Verynicely done. Nice job with the pictures too. Great for ideas for others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    Nice. I did something similar a few years ago, but like the clamp idea and the plexi top to see inside.
    Same here. I like the clamps and the see-through top. Nice clean setup. I attach mine to my Incra TS fence, but I just use a pair of Irwin Quick-Grip clamps.
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    Those clamps may still be available at Rockler for auxiliary fences. I got a pair and use them to attach fixtures to the table saw fence. Useful. Not as inexpensive as I thought they should have been, but at the time I had a gift certificate!

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