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Thread: A Pain in the Knee

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    A Pain in the Knee

    LOML decided last week she was tired of watching me limp around my gimpy knee so today I went see the ortho surgeon. Looks like sometime in the next few weeks I will be undergoing a partial knee replacement on my right knee. It's an outpatient procedure so I'll be home the day of the operation but it will take a few weeks to fully recover.
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    Amazing the things they can fix these days. No more gimp!

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    Does this mean you won't be at our Clog Dancing club meeting this month? You will be missed.

    Here's to your speedy recovery.
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    All you old guys on here seem to be falling apart at the joints...

    glad that at 74 1/2, I still have my youthful vim and vigor.

    Sending all the good vibes I can your way, looking forward to a positive report afterwards... take care and follow all doctors
    instructions -- to the letter.
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