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Thread: Ke r ni ng

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    Ke r ni ng

    I s a w th i s ar t i cle on Kern ing, tho ugh t i t was w o r t h the sh a r e.. .

    The Vectric products allow text/kerning adjustments of text, so thought it might apply to those doing signs.

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    Yep, been there done that on most things I've done. Sometimes, I've changed the kerning to make things more balanced to my eye. More often it has been to improve the ability to carve text, whether v-carving or doing raised text or stacked text. Vectric software provides a great preview of the carve, so you can see the effect of too little kerning - incomplete carving between letters.

    Adjusting kerning gets to be real interesting at times when working with text on a curve!
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    Great link, I will read it in detail later.

    My eyes are terrible at the kearning, though I do try.

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    It's all artistic. I wish I had a more artistic eye a lot of times.
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