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Thread: It's Friday - 5/27/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 5/27/2016 Edition

    Finally Friday! And a long weekend at that. It's been raining all week here, so hopefully it will dry up enough to mow tomorrow. I'm going to finish up the assembly of the blast cabinet, then I need to get the toddler rail built. May drive down to the cemeteries on Monday.

    What's on everyone else's plate?

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    Lot's of rain here much. Need to catch up on yard work this weekend too if the rain stops long enough. Also need to finish up some more little bowls and some get some more succulents for gifts to the girls teachers and other staff at her grade school. 5th grade finishes up next week and they have all been great. Middle school starts next year...can't believe how fast it has gone!!

    Smoking a 14lb pork butt on Sunday too!! Can't wait to dig into that! Happy Friday everyone!
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    With the big doings at church behind me, I can get back to 'normal.' Whatever the heck THAT is! Tonight I get to work on the laser at the lab. I will be making plastic panels for the CNC cabinet. First we mock up out of cardboard. Another definition of CAD. Cardboard Aided Design! Tomorrow is more work on the cabinet. Getting closer to getting it ready to assemble. Still have a bunch of plumbing for the two vacuum tables to plan for. I have most of the parts on hand now. A few more openings to route out and holes to drill for vacuum lines. Nothing picture worthy get. Just a pile of parts. Giving Big John rest. Have some decisions to make there. Monday the lab is closed, so I will spend the day doing domestic chores, like laundry. But I did get a barbeque basket. I will take another crack at pepper poppers, grilled veggies and chicken. Sounds yummy.

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    I'm finishing a stacked text plaque for friends today, along with helping LOML with some refinishing on a sewing cabinet.

    Saturday I'll mill some kind of wood for a couple of v-carved plaques and start cutting them. I'll also continue on some aspects of the re-do on the sewing machine cabinet like using hide glue to re-attach veneer.

    Sunday? Well, 1100 miles of racing is a good start!!!
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    I just got a request for another retirement plaque.

    My neighbor wants me to make some letters to hang on the wall for her wedding

    I need to cut a tree next to my new shed

    I will be trying to get the roof completed on the shed.

    I have the entire week off so I should be able to get some serious stuff done.

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    Apple Blossom Festival time !
    Northville Heritage Farm Antique Tractor Pull on Sunday, followed by the annual Woodville Community barbeque.
    Lots of outdoor work in between the fun stuff. Big garden overhaul with violence underway, brush and branches load # 4 now building on the dump trailer. We turned our backs on some of it for a couple of years and a jungle appeared.

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    Inspector shows up today to inspect the work done by the electricians this week. I could not be happier with the work the guys did, and the number of times they went into the attic and crawl space to make sure things were done right.

    So I'll be getting the electric line run to the pool and add some 220 outlets to the garage.

    I started straightening up the garage a bit yesterday. I had started organzing my electronics gear, and some how over the last several weeks let things go completely south.

    Should be a fun weekend!.
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    Still in recovery, can't do much. My morning meds really zonk me. That needs adjusting. Home health nurse on the way that should help. I'll be staying in but on Monday I'll be on the podium for Memorial Day services. I'm Commander of the Shrine Legion of Honor and will be introduced. Mostly I'll sit. I can handle that. Have a happy-happy everyone but do make it a safe weekend. Nothing about the reason for Memorial Day says one is supposed to get drunk and do stupid, dangerous stuff.
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    After all the tractor mowing and other stuff, my back went out again so I will be doing real simple things. Nothing. Well, not nothing. I'll be real good friends again with muscle relaxers, my TENS machine, and movies and such. Thunderstorms as far as the National Weather Service will stick it's neck out. So nothing special for Memorial Day. I am starting to get into season 3 of HBO's Deadwood. Good show. Next will be Pillars of the Earth. Then maybe Titanic Blood and Steel. Who knows.

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    Student's last day today!
    Have to wash the inside of the bus, mop the floor, wash the outside and return it Tuesday.
    Fina Jo had tubes put in her ears, nostrils cauterized, tonsils and adenoids removed so we have CJ for the weekend.

    Thank you all, past, present and future Veterans!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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