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Thread: Riot Gear Helmet

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    Riot Gear Helmet

    Just read this article:

    Makes a compelling case for using a Riot gear helmet.
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    It sure does. Thanks for posting this reminder to never let your guard down.

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    That's a great article. She really stepped up and took responsibility. After her accident, I can't tell you how many folks I had telling me they were going to get an Air Shield. I had to remind them that Air Shield is a respirator and face shield, not a helmet. It will provide some help, but not nearly enough to survive an accident like this one. Probably the smartest thing she did was put the guard back on her lathe. I did that with mine after her accident, too. Unfortunately, I saw some articles in the AAW Journal, from some high ranking people in the organization, saying that was silly and she just needed to stand out of the line of fire. I thought that was inappropriate. I spent a lot of time in the safety business and always hated it when leadership undermined safety by saying "that's not the way we do it here."

    Props to her for writing this and to Mohammad for sharing it.

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    Compelling argument indeed. Thanks for the link, Mohammad.
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    Thanks Mohammad for posting the article. Speaking for myself i have learned a ton here about safety.

    The one issue i thought about in the article is, at what point are turners like her, perhaps trying to turn something that should not be turned in the first place, thereby exacerbating the risk aspect associated with turning. I realize anything can explode and cause injury but she deliberately seeks out the risky pieces upfront.

    That to me is equivalent to people that use a helicopter to access mountain tops to ski down. I dont have a lot of sympathy for those skiers when the end up in a hospital, in fact to me they cause problems which mean others put their life on the line to save them and consume scarce expensive resources i the rescue proccess.
    Part of me is surprized that the insurance company paid up, as opposed to claiming "self inflicted damages"

    Surely somewhere there has to be a limit to what one takes on turning.????

    And if you have removed a safety guard, then are you still covered by insurance?

    When do the words "wreck less" come into play and words like "moral hazard" to the rest of her family.
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