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Thread: Sears Craftsman - Before the Fall

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    Sears Craftsman - Before the Fall

    One of my wife's customers...she's a hairdresser...gave her a box of old woodworking magazines for me. In the November 1999 issue of WOOD Magazine, I found an ad for Craftsman: an 8-page spread, complete with coupons. Now, I hear that Sears is shopping the brand for a buyer. It's sad, really. I remember drooling over the woodworking wish book in the '80s. I hardly give 'em a thought these days, except to note them circling the bowl.

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    It's been a long spiral. Too many compromises, poorly made products, usurous interest rates on their credit card.....chased me away long ago.

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    You know it seems to me the quality of Craftsman power tools has improved the last few years. I had a decent hybrid table saw, and have a lath that s good for my ability level ( beginning). I look at their grinders, band saws, drill press's they don't look like junk. I would say a step or two above the lowest Chinese imports. Maybe wherever Craftsman lands they will be concerned with value for the dollar.


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