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Thread: Conference Table Finished and Delivered!

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    Conference Table Finished and Delivered!

    I finished up this table and delivered it to its home today, which is the pilots' lounge at a local airport. A 'thank you' goes out to all those on this board who helped out with advice regarding the laminate top. Here are the specs: 4' by 8' boat-shaped top, solid oak trestles and bent wood lamination (a first for me) on the top. Thanks for looking...Jon

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    The top came out wonderfully with the edge treatment you were going for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post
    Very nice. I love the trestle look.

    How did you do the bent wood lamination?
    Underneath it all is a poplar gridwork with extra thick "stringers" down the middle and at the points where the trestle legs attach. The outside curves of the grid were the covered with a strip of 1/4" MDF and then that was in turn covered with three strips of oak, each one laminated in place to the next one with plastic resin glue. Finished thickness was 5/8" It's a tedious process, with lots of clamping and waiting. After that the white laminate top was put on, flush trimmed and then rounded over to reveal the oak edging.

    I should add, one other slight challenge was the hand-cutting of the miters on the curved sections. Made me feel like a real Neander.
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    Nice work Jon!

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    Thanks for the pics and the update, that really looks great


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    Looks great, the pilots should have many a happy landing there for years to come!
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    Very nice looking table Jon. Thanks for posting.

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