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Thread: Canada gained another engineer on June 1

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    Canada gained another engineer on June 1

    Well this week we had a whirlwind trip to Kingston ON and back .

    Was my youngest sons Convocation and proud as a peacock his mom and dad attended.

    I had a few teary moments as i thought of my Dad while sitting in the hall with all its regalia. He so badly wanted to be around for the day his grandson graduated but it was not to be. Know he will be as happy as can be looking down.

    Here are a few pics of the event. He now has a Bsc civil engineering, still has the Engineering in Training portion to do before he gets a PEng but while he is doing that he is on to do his Masters for the next two years at Western University. (Art watch out for the character. lol). Given what he is currently doing, he has literally landed with his bum in the butter. Could not be more proud of him and his achievements. Only two more years before he finally moves out and spreads his wings.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratulations to all, well done! Good looking kid, gets that from his mom I see.

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    Great pictures! And congrats for generating an engineer!

    Darren, I see you beat me to the comment I was going to make, LOL
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    wow, you can really see he is a mix of both of you.
    good for you, hell be off your payroll soon.
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    I hope they train them now days with hands on application. I have seen engineers that could design things that were impossible to make. They then told the shop foreman it was his problem how to fabricate the way they designed it & still be able to remove it from the machine. The engineer ended up working in the shop for about 2 years. He is now a very good engineer. He learned how to work side by side with the shop people. He now keeps 2 shop crews busy.
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    What a great feeling this must be! Congratulations to your son for achieving this milestone and persevering on to the next level, and to you and Linda for helping him get there.

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    Congrats to all involved, Rob.

    What area of civil engineering is your son interested in pursuing? (My dad was a civil P.E. for over 50 years.)
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    Congratulations to all!! What an accomplishment. A memorable day for sure!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Congratulations all around!!!!!
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