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Thread: Amazing.... this blew me away

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    Amazing.... this blew me away

    One of my regrets in life was that I never learned how to play an instrument. I can read music and I sign but watching some of talented musicians just blow me away. This one is one of those.

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    That is really something. Would you call that a 12 string guitar? Yes that is a downer not able to play an instrument. Just never deeply motivated.

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    I've seen it before, but that's an awesome video, Don. The hardest parts are when one person is picking and the other is doing the fingerwork on the neck. Without the tactile feedback, both parts would be very difficult. And to top it off, Tico Tico is not an easy song to play.

    David, that's not a 12 string guitar. It's two people, each playing a 3 string guitar.
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