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Thread: So far so good

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    So far so good

    The technician that did all my stress tests today said your in good shape, see ya 5 years for a check up. tomorrorw I'll see the Doc to here his analysis.
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    That's good news Dave!

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    Good to hear... let's hope the doc has the same analysis....

    Last time I was sent in for a stress test, I guess it worked and I got stressed.... I walked the treadmilll until I reached whatever the goal was my tech had set, she then sat me down to take blood pressure and what ever other readings... suddenly jumped up started throwing stuff on top of a cabinet next to my chair, grabbed a phone and called someone (later found out it was a doctor on call), she then asked if I had ever had a rapid heart beat... because I was in one now.... talk about stress test.

    By the time the doctor she had called arrived, I had dropped out of the rapid beat and was back to normal, but scared the C--- out of me.
    Since then I've changed doctors and current cardiologist says I have a fine healthy heart... he does hear a slight murmur, but says it's pretty normal for people my age to develop one... it's likely a valve that's getting a little thick.... he'll do an ekg next visit - in December.
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