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Thread: cutting board inlay

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    cutting board inlay

    I made this cutting board as a gift for my uncle's (by marriage) sister for a retirement gift. It's a maple board with a cherry inlay. The board is 12 x 16

    Click image for larger version. 

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    way cool!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    Very nice, John!
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    Great choice of woods, that looks great!

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    Nice board but for me the wording is something that bugs me.

    Seems since i came to North America, people here all focus on living to retire.

    As Carol has pointed out we not assured of tomorrow, yet most only plan on living or being happy when they retire.

    Yet in my view i fail to see the delight in that. I want to be active and engaged in life and business for as long as i can.

    Logically it makes no sense to me that we develop people all their life to put them out to pasture at the time that they really have only just got a grip on the whole game. Kind of waste of natural resources in my view.

    I prefer live for today because you may not be able to do it tomorrow.

    Not knocking your sign John, but how many teachers you know are not like you and just teaching because of the retirement benefits.?

    I have met people here that have all but given up living to take a union municipal job and endure a workplace just for retirement benefits.
    If i had to do that , i think i would jump off a bridge before i got to retirement because by the time i got there, i would be a shell and unable to do anything.

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