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Thread: sewing machine my nephew lucked into

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    sewing machine my nephew lucked into

    it is an old (circa early 1900's) singer sewing machine. what he found out was an older lady had passed, and relatives were emptying the apartment. this was sitting out with a free sign on it. almost all quarter sawn white oak, with what i believe is a shellac finish.
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    Great find!

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    Wow that's in fantastic shape, finding one with the veneer intact around here is basically like looking for hens teeth.

    With that in mind, the "top" (all the large flat surfaces) of the cabinet is all veneer work, so treat it carefully while re-finishing. Its thicker than modern veneer (maybe up to 1/16" or so..) but its still veneer.

    Did you happen to catch which model this is?
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    That cabinet looks good, Dan. My wife picked up one in Atlanta a few years ago with an almost identical cabinet, but it's a Coats & Clark machine with a plain base.
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    That was a great find. Worth every penny of it. Have refinished several of these which came out OK but what a hassle. This one looks pristine with no work needed. Wife used her treadle machine to sew commercially never had a lick of trouble. Now her new one does it all with the push of a button.

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    My mother had one almost exactly like that... and when I was about 10, it almost cost me my big toe.... my sister was sweeping and wanted me to move the sewing machine, I grabbed it, lifted on end and promptly dropped it on the big toe on my left foot....that little bitty iron wheel smashed my toe, we had blood every where and about 3 months later, the whole nail came off.
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    Very nice fine. I was given one a couple weeks ago by one of the appraisers I've worked with over the years and her husband tetired and they were moving to Fla.
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    i told him that he should just leave it as is, rather than having it look like it just came off the showroom floor.
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    That was a nice score! I had one that was my Great Grandmothers. The cabinet was shot. It too was QS oak veneer over ply that had started coming apart. I took the top off and made the base into a table and gave it to my sister.
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    You just never know what treasures you will find! And that is definitely a treasure!

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