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Thread: Some people do odd things to tools...

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    Some people do odd things to tools...

    Hi Guys.

    A friend of mine whose uncle passed away recently offered me a few of the tools that his uncle had. He gave me pair of clamps and a hand drill so I accepted and thanked him for them.

    Whe he brought me the tools I couldn't understand why those clamps had been so neglected, one is bent and both are missing the caps on the thread, but what puzzled me most is that this man had all his tools painted green as you can see. My friend showed me a couple of hammers and some screwdrivers and they were all painted with a thick layer of this green paint! This man even painted the threads of the clamps! I wonder why he did it.

    Anyway I thought it would stir some debate if not just joking comments.
    Honestly I am thinking about tossing the clamps away.
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    maybe he just liked the color green.
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    Did he work in the trades? I've seen people paint things odd colors to prevent the tools walking away on their own.

    But painting the threads? Eh, If it was spray paint maybe it would just take too much time to mask it off, LOL
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    I'll second Brent's thought...I've seen quite a few badly painted tools on construction jobsites.

    Personally, I think I'd toss the clamps. Life's too short to use bad clamps.
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    Yeppers. Clamps are trash. Not because they re green but because they are bent and the clamping pressure i no longer predicable. You could keep them for conversation starters but they are no longer properly functional. Often happens with badly abused bar clamps.

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    Yup I've painted tools before for identification, but not like that. Found it didn't really prevent tools walking. Where there is a will I'll take it seems to be some folks thought.

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    Toss the clamps they done. But as to painting tools i see its now a thing some do when making a video to hide the brand of tool they making. Idea being that unless the manufacturer sponsors the tool their is no reason to show others that they use that brand of tool which the video maker sees as a kind of endorsement for free.
    Little strange but understandable. I say strange because part of the video if it involves use of tools is to show people how to do something. Well its pointless unless they know what tool to buy. So i dunno. But i guess a hand drill is a handdrill so painting it avoids the brand endorsement.

    Some of our tools at school were painted same way the library put their stamp all over a book (not just on one page) to avoid the theft issue. I dont believe it stopped the theft.

    Just take a trip to the local pawn shop and see the marked and painted tools i have seen in there.

    Personally i am more interested in using my tools than worrying about painting and display of them.

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    Your thread title says it all. Clamps are trash. See my signature.
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    I once knew a woman electrician who had bright pink paint on all her tools. She said that the men contractors wouldn't borrow pink tools unless they absolutely had to, and they always returned them very quickly. She said that she didn't loose her tools after she put the pink paint on them. They always came back to her.


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