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Thread: Shed lumber storage and update.

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    Shed lumber storage and update.

    Well i had a load of fun this weekend. Funny how this kind of work effort can be fun.
    Made lots of saw dust which was so great to be able to get back to doing even if it was construction

    Sorry was being too productive to take pics along the way and at end of day yesterday i was too bushed to be taking pics.

    So here is this mornings poor light pic taken with tablet, will see if it uploads direct via tapatalk. Side note hence the editing. Did upload but wrong way up. Deleted them through our editing and then went and rotated images on tablet to re upload. When i tried this Tapatalk did not want to upload again.

    So here they are via trusty computer never thought i would be saying that.

    Shed lumber rack stocked now with all the lumber from garage. This put quite a void in the garage.

    There is some Ash at the bottom, followed by maple followed by cherry followed by walnut from Mi. and then odds and end couple of boards of oak and couple of mahogany. Carving wood on top far right and turning wood on top front.

    The downside to having a metal shed is you cannot use the walls to hang things. The upside to doing this is access to lumber relatively easy and sorted, if i keep it that way. Still have my wood cart with shorts and some sheet goods, but that may go in the future.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then on the other side i used a quick and nasty cheapo Ikea solution and i got to tell you this is the answer to be able to get a load of junk organised and stored fast.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160613_075818.jpg 
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    Ikea has these shelves in two width formats i choose the widest its around 19.5 depth and about 30 wide. Goes together pretty easy with one bolt with pre drilled holes. Allows for very quick setup and one rung holds the next as you can see. Add a few plastic bins and boom you can sort and store and access things pretty easy.

    I have to thank many here for tidbits of inspiration over the years seriously i have learnt one heck of a lot here and this time i tried to put it all into practice.

    Glenn your organizational threads dont go unnoticed by me. You got me turned around, if one cannot access it you might as well get rid of it because it becomes too much effort to dig for it and by the time one has done that the interest in doing what you were going to do has waned, if you like me.

    Carol, you said something that has stuck with me, yeah it may be corny to point this out but this speaks to my very point about our forum it takes little things of what may appear to be of no consequence to trigger a change in a person. So you once said sort by type of tool and then organize. Well i been doing that after the move and it works like crazy to help get organized. Small obvious after the event comment but hey it was a fork in the road for me.

    Larry I stole your idea of storing lumber. Not exact design but man after seeing your stash and how you had access to it, well this did it for me.
    BTW i am still hording that load of walnut you so generously gave me. Getting close to the point where i will make use of it.

    Allen, dont stop posting. Your point about a shed well look what it sorted out. You got this going , both in terms of the shed, and in terms of having a stash of wood. never mind the rest of your inspirational threads. Now if i want to do something i dont have to go looking for wood.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the people and the the bits and pieces that i have learnt here, i am trying to articulate the subtleties we get from posts that over the years influence if you let them, how you do things and it leads to way better enjoyment of our hobby.

    Now on to the power for the shop, all the cables ready to go, got the array of panels that need to be involved nothing is going to stop me from making sawdust this summer and learning to weld and making a few things along the way. Again it also helps to hear how others with serious health issues manage to overcome and keep at it. Thanks guys.
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    Storage looks great Rob, gonna have to take some queues from you on this and work on my organization. My lumber rack has been working decently, but that looks a whole lot easier to sort things on. I've talked my wife into getting a dumpster brought in to help get things purged around here. It's a bit of an expensive trade off, but we're never going to get around to doing any kind of a garage sale or taking them to the dump ourselves otherwise. Some of it will be going to one of the places that picks up donations too, but I've realized we grow into the space we have.

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    Those are some great looking shelves and quite the stash of good looking lumber Rob!
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    Funny how so many things go down similar paths.

    I was also sorting lumber and moving into my new shed.

    At one point I was thinking I was a wood hoarder, and that I was not the only one.

    Love the organization, looks great

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    Nice-looking work, Rob. And that's a heck of a lumber stash.

    The shelves I used in my show booth (back when I was doing art shows) were from Ikea. They were very functional and cost effective. I couldn't have built my own for the price Ikea charged. Mine were a different model than yours, though. I think my shelves were the Björkenguðmundsdóttir model.
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