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    kitchen cabinets

    Have there been any sketchups created here for a set of kitchen cabinets? I would like to see an example. I'm getting ready to try to do my own.

    Also, does any know how many board feet are in a typical set of kitchen cabinets fronts? No plywood, just the front.


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    Scott, welcome to FWW,

    Could you be more specific as to what you're looking for regarding kitchen cabinets in SketchUp? Do you need just boxes to move around to figure out the layout? Do you need construction details?

    Kitchen cabinets are dead simple in SketchUp. You can draw one base cabinet component and modify it to make all the others. The same applies with the uppers.

    If you're looking to just have boxes for layout, check Google's 3D warehouse. You can probably find what you need there. One word of caution about the 3D warehouse. Anyone can post SketchUp models there. Often the models aren't the cleanest and may need some clean up.
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