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Thread: The date is set, the die is cast...

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    The date is set, the die is cast...

    I had a discussion with the doctor this morning. He showed me the X-rays that were taken Tuesday. They show that the bones of the toe are fully infected. He gave me a choice of continuing our present course of dressing changes and antibiotics, with the possibility of this lasting a year and possibly not healing, or remove the toe and any infected bone associated with it, and probably have a two month healing process and a very, very slim chance of further infection. This will put some extra pressure on the other three small toes, and possibly cause callousing, which we can deal with.

    I came home and discussed it with my wife, and we agreed that the latter course is probably the best, so when I see the doctor tomorrow I will tell him to go ahead and schedule amputation of the toe.

    I'd like to emphasize that I am not afraid of this procedure. I know I am in the hands of very competent medical people, that I can rise to any challenge it may present, and ultimately God's will prevails.

    I'll let you know when this is scheduled. In the meantime, think good thoughts, or pray for me, whichever is your predilection, and we will see how it goes.
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    Lots of good thoughts heading your way, Roger!

    I agree about trusting today's medical personnel with all the technology they have available. I'm alive today because of listening to them!
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    Sorry, but not surprised, to hear this. I wish the best for you and you are in my prayers, of course. I do know what is in front of you. Won't be a picnic but what must be, must be. Take the meds. Do the PT. Find the right shoes later on. (My challenge right now.) And don't try to rush things!

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    Wishing you all the best Roger.

    Somehow I feel that I will be there someday.

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    You've had a tough ordeal already Roger, but it sounds like a positive, but not easy, way forward has been found. Here's wishing you all the best.

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    Sending my best for a rapid recovery, Roger. Your positive outlook will be a big help.
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    Roger, all the best. Sounds like a good plan and it's always good to have good doctors. And, trusting them. All thoughts and prayers will be with you and I know you will have a speedy recovery.

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    You are in my prayers.
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    Praying for the best outcome and a speedy recovery Roger.

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    All the best Roger. I know you have diabetes but just on a side bar, i contracted bone sepsis after a motorcycle accident (long story). But the carry away is i never lost my leg because the doc i had in SA had pioneered and developed a technique for curing bone sepsis which at the time believe it or not no one world wide had done.

    The technique is known today and involves not just antibiotic treatment but irrigation and insertion of the antibiotic into the saline solution used to irrigate the bone in question. To do this tubes are inserted in the marrow core and the solution allowed to seep into the infected area and then sucked out by portavac. It goes in a cycle of so many hours in and so many hours on suction.

    Another key is to have the doc send swabs of the infected area away to at least two laboratories to cultivate and determine the active culture present. KEY in this treatment is to be using an antibiotic that targets that culture and it is dynamic so needs regular sampling and adapting to the changes.

    WHATS THE PRO......the cure is a 3 week cycle and you healed.

    So may i humbly suggest you ask the doc about the possibilities here before you let this little piggie and that little piggie go to market not to return home.

    It can be a quick process, still requires admission , they may say it wont work with your other conditions but i dont see what you have to lose asking the doc about it.

    It saved my leg where a top orthopedic surgeon had given up after he could not cure it after his shotgun approach.

    The guy that developed the technique was like a Albert Schweitzer type of guy. Focused on medicine not his 85 ton fishing boat and different color Mercedes for each day of the week.


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