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Thread: Friday June 17 2016 - Whatcha Got Planned?

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    Friday June 17 2016 - Whatcha Got Planned?

    Welp, since nobody else has started the Friday thread, I'll do it.

    I'm tied up all weekend playing and watching 9-ball pool. Our team is playing in the state APA (American Poolplayers Association) pool tournament. (We narrowly missed also qualifying for the 8-ball tourney.) I'm also going to sneak in a bit of time for yardwork, and I'm planning to spend some quality time with a new electronic toy. (I upgraded my Axe-Fx to the latest model. It's arriving today.)

    So what are the rest of you up to this weekend?
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    Today, I cut a replacement grille for an Edison LU-37 phonograph my wife got from some cousins. I'll need to do some light re-finishing on the cabinet but the grille is the only missing part. I drew it up in VCarve Pro and cut it on my CNC. I'll do a post about it in a day or two.

    Saturday I'll do some sanding on the grille and apply some dye. It's mahogany and the cabinet is pretty dark.

    Sunday will probably be about our usual, although I'm sure LOML will insist on cooking our main meal because of the special day!
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    Tonight I've got to finish up some computer work to get my mom's new laptop setup (my old one). Tomorrow morning I've got an intro to scroll saw class I'll be attending at the guild. I'll also be doing some shop clean-up, but may go pickup lumber to replace the deck on my trailer this weekend, it's starting to look like swiss cheese. May do a brew on Sunday, but mostly doing pool time.

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    since I didn't have any projects, Ive been cutting up PT pine and made 2 adult and 2 childrens Adirondack chairs this week, taking my time, onlyl 2-3 hours a day.
    I wont assemble them till I sand them and still have to rout edges on childrens chairs. Keeping myself busy.
    Probably do some sanding tomorrow, I hate this stuff, only sand outside with mask.

    sunday, everyone is coming here, me, my and my bil are the guests of honor, so Im guessing its anything I want to eat.(although tonight elen just contacted me, she has an end of the year party across the street from our favorite Italian restaurant, so Im going over there at 5:45 to meet her for some delish food tonight, not on my diet, but Ill be good)
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    Working on keeping cool!

    Laying a bit low as some respiratory crud has reared its ugly head. Hard on some one who talks for a living! Also staying off my feet as I have contracted inflamed nerves in my feet and legs from the knees down which makes walking very uncomfortable. Meds are helping. Its a metabolic issue which will require an even stricter dietary regime. I will know more next week on this one.

    Hope to work some on the CNC cabinet tomorrow. Day job on Sunday and Monday.

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    I spent the morning then returned to the shop then returned to the old post office down town. The Don bought and is turning into a 5 star hotel and requires a lot of gold leaf. This is the project I did the take off for 2.5 years ago. I talked with another gilder in DC that went to the same school I did and we'll collaborate on this. Basically two months to do a years worth of work for a couple guys.
    Happy Father day weekend all you dad's
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    Well i nearly was going to have the pleasure of a visit by a certain member but before we could sort out anything i got myself into making a load of Boerewors to freeze for our youngest to take to NS to his brother end of the month. His graduation present was a flight to NS to visit his brother.

    Then i have been instructed by the person who thinks she is the boss, aka swmbo that i have to go to a rugby match Sat afternoon to watch youngest playing.

    So now its down to Sunday for some shop time. I hope nothing else gets in the way, i have had a busy week with Clients and after and all day meeting today i am bushed.

    I am so excited with having got the shed storage working, one evening i set up some more shelving in the garage and started unpacking and sorting stuff from when we moved last fall.

    Soon very soon i shall have a nice shop space and be able to really get back to woodworking and trying my hand at some welding. Its been a long time since i had all my tools in one place, i can feel the delight already.

    Happy Fathers day to all the Dads, i was offered a trip fishing but it was altered before i could even say yay or nay. So maybe it will materialize on another day. I would be very happy if i am just left to my own devices on Sunday as a treat.

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    did the heavy lift shopping today. testing out a program called stipplegen2, hopefully it will work well with the cnc.
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    Need to do some garden weeding but not to much. Stay cool is the rule of the land.

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    Very nice weather here, sunny but not too warm. I'll be outside as much as possible. A short road trip (2 km)with the old Farmall this morning for fuel, then tuning up the finish mower to clip the first lane of pasture the sheep have just come off.
    Happy Father's Day guys.
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