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Thread: keeping busy

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    keeping busy

    I cant make another cutting board or bowl.

    I was about to undertake a huge cleaning, meaning removing everything from the shop, everything, every single piece of wood, machine, handtools, drawers, and clean every single item, but then I came to my senses.
    let the next owner clean up the dust in the garage, and if I go, let the next owner worry about the cleanliness of my tools, both stationary and hand.

    frank.......I know hes recuperating, and hell be happy to know, he can say, told ya so, the outdoor pt table I made curled up 2 weeks after I made it.
    so I took the top off, cut it up, saved whatever I could, and started cutting pieces for childrens Adirondack chairs.
    I bought some pt decking on sale, and made a new top, and it hasn't curled, I left space this time, enough with glueups.

    Some of the wood I used on the childrens chairs were from the table, some was old pt pieces, some were from someones hand rails I took the wood, planed it down, and some of it has nail or screw holes in it, but I did my best to cut around those pieces, but some pieces needed to have nail holes.

    Heres one set I finished yesterday, made the table today, and really used scraps for the table. I wanted to have each set with one of those pastel rainbow colored beach umbrellas, but I could only get the blue striped one on sale for 6 bucks, so this set will go with a blue umbrella

    The set that's up there on the overhead platform in the shop, well, that's 2 adult chairs I cut from new wood. I cant assemble them as I don't have room for them, and I don't want to leave them outside before the recipient gets them.Oh, the recipient is Bob, yes, he has to endure my obligatory set of Adirondack chairs I make anyone I visit who hosts a gathering. I cant help myself.

    my son thought I was depressed with no projects, so I was in his house today, measuring the wardrobe cabinet I made him, he wants an addition added in the center for more clothes, whatever, its the biggest wardrobe Ive ever seen, it will be 8-9 feet wide, and 7 feet tall.(in his bedroom besides 2 dressers), He also requested 2 nightstands, he feels really bad for his dad, with nothing to do.

    got some plywood, so I can start the new cabinet as soon as tomorrow if no rain.(Ill break down boards outside with track saw, easier for me to maneuver sheets outdoors with nothing blocking me)

    and that's that, was going to make a couple of round cutting boards, cut out a template, but again, I came to my senses.
    enough with the cutting boards, I have no where to put the recent ones I made.
    (Im bringing 3 of them with me to florida next month, I have to take an extra suitcase for all the cutting boards and beach bags my wife made)

    some pictures. boring stuff I know, but I always enjoy making something that I drew up a permanent set of plans for.(like someone doesn't know what sheets of plywood looks like. but the close up of the back seat slat I was trying to show some of the wood has screw/nail holes, almost most of the chairs were reused/repurposed pt)
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    tablefixed 001.jpg  
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    must be something mentally wrong with me.
    I live 15 or less minutes from some of the greatest beaches in America, yet, with all my free time, I just don't go.
    Im sure the scenery would be lovely this time of year, all the college yunguns home working on their tans. I just don't want to strain my eyes I guess, so I choose to sit in a dusty, steaming hot, miserably humid garage, cutting up the nastiest stuff on earth, (PT pine)
    I fixed the table in time for a fathers day gathering. came in handy.

    Hi, my name is allen, and Im an addict.
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    we'ems luvs you annyway allen!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen levine View Post
    ...Hi, my name is allen, and Im an addict.
    You've got it bad, buddy. And your son is an enabler. At least you're being productive with it. And I like the mini Adirondack set.
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    got the inside of the cabinet made, face frame made, and finished gluing up the door. big door. 5-6 hinge door, but breaking it into 2 doors would have looked off, and theres enough room to swing large door open. (biggest door I ever made)

    this unit will go in the middle of the other 2 units I made for his wardrobe, so this will make the total length of the unit close to 9 feet and 7 feet high.

    Ill have to make a new piece of molding for the top since the unit just grew 2 feet.

    keeps me busy. isn't he a good son?

    cant put in much more than 2-3 hours tops out there. (Id rather have doors open then run the AC because the AC kills the power and I constantly trip breakers)

    Including the 2 cups of coffee,breakfast) at 12 ounces each, the 24 ounce cup at lunch, and 6 bottles of water I drank today including while I walked my 2 miles this morning, Ive consumed approx. 138 ounces of liquid so far today.
    Im on my third tee shirt, the first 2 were soaking wet.
    strangely, it doesn't seem to bother me much anymore, like Im adjusting to the heat lately. almost enjoying it

    feeling lucky, I had enough birch edge tape just to make the five shelves, was 3/4 inch short, but the face frame hid the short on one shelf, then I just had enough cherry ply for the door panels, had 3 inches left, and one inch extra on width.
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    Sure knocked that sucker out in a hurry. Now I see why you have no projects to work on. You finish to fast. Just take it easy in the heat.
    I know about the tee shirts 45 minutes I come in the house and wife has to peel my shirt off. Need to go to snap shirts but hate to add to ironing pile.��.
    Maybe somebody will send you plans to work on!!!!

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    oh boy, what a big booboo I made.

    even though Im out there, Im guessing the heat has fried my brain.

    or, you are what you wear? baboon?
    One of my tee shirts, I like the other one, but elen says I cant wear it in public.

    anyway, I decided on 5 hinges for the cabinet door, and without thinking I placed the hinge hole right smack at a shelf and now the hinge doesn't fit.
    thought about notching out the shelf, but I think Im letting it go, as the door feels fine with 4 hinges. If the client complains, he can go elsewhere at these prices.
    Im a bit ashamed, this is a careless mistake, probably the baboon wouldn't even make.
    gotta get my head back into it.

    this unit is going to be inserted into the large wardrobe cabinet as the center. I made a new top piece of molding.
    spraying with em6000 in a few days, probably the 4th if I can get out of going anywhere.

    just keeping busy, staying out of trouble.
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    Talk about speedy you fast.

    I would think 4 hinges on that door more than adequate.

    But your Baboon t shirt is a real trophy. Where did you find it. Thats got to be the coolest T shirt i have ever seen..
    Maybe its because i am a baboon too or because of where i come from.

    Back at my home in SA we had a troop of Vervet monkeys that used to pass through our yard each day. They can be a real handful. Well i am chuckling to myself just thinking what a hoot wearing that shirt would be when going outside to chase them.

    When they "push back" if you chase them, they pull that exact face of pursing their lips and pulling their eyes back , but then scamper off when they realize they out gunned when catapulted stones start zinging past them.

    I bet we could make a million selling those t shirts in Africa. Lol

    Thanks for showing us it Allen.

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    Great Tee shirts Super job on the cabinet as well.

    The clown would scare the crap out of my grandkids
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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