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Thread: What *exactly* counts as green wood turning?

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    What *exactly* counts as green wood turning?

    Well, folks, I'm still progressing. I've been taking pictures as I go, and thinking I was going to find time to write it all up. Doesn't seem to be happening, and I'm behind on six other projects, so I thought I'd just post pics (hey, that's all you wanted anyways, right?

    There are a few good jokes here. The best one: the lathe arrived before I'd quite finished the drawers for the stand. You'll notice in the pics that the drawers are *still* not finished. Vortex, indeed...

    Anyway, here are early efforts in cherry and walnut. I had to thin some trees out on the back 40 last year, and was hoping to use the bandsaw to turn them into lumber. Discretion was the better part of valor on that one, I'm afraid. So the rounds have just been lying out in the open for a year. When I get into the interior, it's pretty wet, and I actually get flying curly shavings and some water flying around as well.

    Now, if I don't get back to flatwork, Doorlink will have my hide, so, without any further comment, here they are:



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    Yeppers, that's green wood. I liked the pile of curlies you built up. The two pieces you did are looking good, too. I especially like the oval bowl.
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    Good stuff! Thanks for the memories ... I really need to get down to my lathe more.

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    Bill nice job I to like the ne bowl also.

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