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Thread: Latest in CNC cabinet

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    Latest in CNC cabinet

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    Control panel and vertical vacuum table. Wish it was all connected on the back! But it is coming along. CPU is installed along with electrical boxes. Waiting on fuse panel and fuses and more valves. The plate beneath the switched will get 2 master control vacuum valves, one for the vertical table, and one for the horizontal table.

    As one guy at the lab today said, "This is getting rather elaborate, isn't it?" Yup. But having fun and learning new things. Between the rows of vacuum pads are strips of t-track from Lee Valley. They slide into a tee-slot, so no screws. Really like that idea.

    There will be a multitude of hold-downs available on both tables. And I might even attach a waste board and screw to it for some items. Depends on the item. This is one feature I had always wished my ShopBot had but I never built one for it. This go around will be different.

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    Looks really nice and well thought out Carol.

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    Oh how I live all the elaborate stuff.

    I am normally a pretty plain jane, but I LOVE machines with lots of switches and dials and knobs and gages

    That is a TO DO item for my new machine is to make a control panel

    I like yours - looks really cool

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