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Thread: At Last it's a Table

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    At Last it's a Table

    This is a project i started over a year ago, but twin beds got in the way. Except for the curly maple its made from wood left over from other projects, so the legs are mahogany and the side panels are luan. I stained the panels to match the legs. The finish is padded on shellac for everything except the curly maple, and thats General Finshes gloss oil based urethane brushed on. I did have a problem with the urethane in that it would not brush without leaving bush marks. I have done this before and use a good brush without problems, but after sanding off 4 times, I thinned the finish and all went well. The finish was rubbed down to between gloss and semi gloss using Merka abrasives and a light touch on the rubber sanding block. I received help from family members here on the use of these Merka abrasives they worked really well, thank you very much. Photos are not may best talent, but heres 3. Have different drawer pull on order.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow, very nice.
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    Looks great William. I like the beds too.

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    Very nice, William! The entire set looks great!
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    That's a sweet looking bedroom set, William. Great job and it only took a year. When you've been working on something for several years we will consider you for induction in our procrastinators club. Right now membership is closed because there's no more room in the club house

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    They look real good to me.

    I love the woods you used

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    Very, very nice.

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    Nice work!

    Nice design on the dovetail spacing for the different drawer heights.

    Are the drawers simply fitted or is there a track on the bottom of them?
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    thankyou for posting your beautiful work
    Im fond of mixing contrasting woods and do it often.
    the beds and nightstand are some high end workmanship.
    again, thankyou for taking the time to post your work.
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    That is one, really neat, table. It says, "This is a great room. I belong here."

    It is a nice piece of work. You should be proud.

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