I bought a 1/8" by 1 7/8 dia slot cutting bit. I also had to buy an arbor for it, which is a 1/2" shank with 5/16 spindle and it has a B5 bearing.

I have never used one of these and have a question. The arbor came with 3 washers that are under the bearing, so I took the nut and bearing off and just slid the cutting bit on top of the washers, is that correct?

Second, what about tightening the nut? I tighten it the oposite way the bit spins is that right?

Example looking down on top of the router tabe the bits spins counter-clockwise(ccw), to tighten the nut I go clockwise. Which means to loosen it I would go ccw, so would the nut be trying to loosen when I turn the router on since it spins ccw and the nut comes off going ccw or am I just thinking to much.