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Thread: Overheard: EMS Call about tablesaw injury. (I was not involved)

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    Overheard: EMS Call about tablesaw injury. (I was not involved)

    Folks this did not happen to me, nor do I know the person involved. The LOML is an EMT, and as a result I hear the fire calls go out to 'our' district on a regular basis. I was working from home yesterday afternoon when I heard a call go out for our EMS squad:

    "Bridgeport Rescue, male 64 at such and such an address, Arm lacerations from a Tablesaw."

    Just one impersonal sentence from the 911 dispatcher, but my heart dropped a mile when I heard it.

    Now I only half listen to the pager as a rule, after a time they all run together but that one still has me really thinking about shop safety. Lori was at work, and so wasn't on the call, so I can't really ask details of how he is doing, but just take it as a reminder to be careful out there in our respective shops. I'm keeping him in my prayers as who knows he might be someone who has been here . Let's hope he heals up to 100% again.
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    Thanks Ned for the post.Always important for us to be reminded of shop safety. Sadly enough we are awakened more by our own injury or someone elses more so than words of caution.
    P.S. get your head away from those scary teeth!!!!
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    Thanks for the post. It's posts like this I like to keep in the back of my mind and be reminded every time I turn the table saw or other power tool on


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    you're welcome guys.
    just think about where that sharp part, or any dangerous part is at at all times.

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    Just make sure your head and your body are in the same place at the same time.

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    I consider any day I leave the shop with the same number of apendages as I had when I came in, a good day!

    But on a serious note, I do have a first aid kit in the shop with a large zip-loc bag and some instant ice packs in it..... just in case.

    It guess its still the Boy Scout in me (Be Prepared!). I just hope I never need to use that bag.....
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