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Thread: Maple Burl Bowl to Test New DVR

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    Maple Burl Bowl to Test New DVR

    Just a quick little burl bowl to test the DVR. The lathe is so smooth that I was able to effortlessly turn through the inclusion. Sharp tools didn't hurt either, but the lathe runs so smooth and true, and the rest is so secure that it's almost like cheating...

    Thanks for looking and please forgive the photography...

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    Now THAT is one heck of a nice "First Bowl" off that lathe

    I know what you mean about the smoothness, the power, the ease of use, I went from a C-man tube bed lahte to my DVR 3000.

    Night and day!

    Years from now, you will have LONG forgotten the price you paid for it, but the lathe will still be impressing you with the smooth cut, and the ease of operation!

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    That is a beautiful bowl for your first. I really like it. I just got my DVR XP a month ago. It is so smooooottthhhh. Nice job.
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    It's the first bowl for the DVR, but not my first bowl. The DVR is my second lathe. I am a fledgling turner as I didn't get the enjoyment that I had hoped to out of my first lathe. It present some frustration. I had a chance to turn on a Nova 3000 at Lee Valley and realized that there is a different side to turning, that being a smooth heavy lathe. I really enjoy it now. I had spent alot of money on tool rests, hollowing tools and gates and a core saver from woodcut in hopes that I could find something that would peak my interest. None of them were good on the old lathe because I wasn't confident that the tool rest and tailstock were really solid. As a matter of foreshadowing, the post sizes were all too big for the lathe I had, but just happened to be the exact size for the was just meant to be!

    Thanks for the comments. I look to this forum for inspiration on some turning projects. I have some burls that I'm going to try and hollow, and some chunks that I'm going to try and do some small boxes with. I'm looking forward to a journey.

    As a side note, my dad turned a bit on my old lathe and said, "About what I remember." He came over and turned on the new one and I've had to feed him a few meals. Just for that little adventure the money was well worth it. Now I just have to go make sure he doesn't start returning some of my tool handles just looking for things to turn in the shop.

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    Yessir, I'd say the new lathe is working properly. Very pretty piece of maple, and you did a great job on it, too. I'm sure you (and Dad) will get a lot of smiles out of the new DVR.
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