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Thread: Just got reminded once again that we not assured of tomorrow

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    Just got reminded once again that we not assured of tomorrow

    Well another sad day for me. I just heard my best man and very dear lifelong friend passed. He had a heart attack was having a stent put in and had a complete organ collapse that got the better of him.
    Another closer than a brother bites the never gets easier....

    Make sure you let people know how you feel while you can, tomorrow may just be too late.

    He had his demons and they took their toll on him, lived life with way too many excesses. So sad, he was always there for me, i was not there for him.

    When Wolf of Wall Street came out it kind of reminded me somewhat of him.

    I will remember the really great times we had together, there were many and we had loads of fun in our youth.

    I cannot believe how many close friends i have lost at what i consider to be a very young age by todays standards...

    I think a slap up celebration in his name is in order......

    Make sure you make the most of today...cheers.

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    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Rob. Unexpected losses are always hard and you're correct, we need to treat each day as if it's our best and those around us the same.

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    Sorry for your loss, Rob. Condolences to you and the family. Life is precious and fragile.

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    Sorry for your loss Rob. Good friends are one life's greatest support systems and are irreplaceable. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate every new day, and to hug the ones you love as often as you can.
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    Sorry to hear that Rob.

    Out of four sisters I now have 2.

    One died at 53 - excesses

    Life is more fragile than we think it is.

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    So sorry Rob. I think about this kind of thing much too frequently any more. I don't think it gets any easier.

    It's good advice you've given.
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    Sorry for our loss, Rob. I've lost a lot of friends and family, and you're right, it doesn't get any easier.

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    For every friend that passes through our lives, a lesson is to be learned. For really good friends, many lessons are offered. Rob, your friend showed you good times and challenging times. And his passing shows you the value of time well spent, and it sounds like some time spent foolishly. All is good for those who will learn. May he rest in peace and may you (and we) learn to cherish what we have and have had.

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    Life is too short that's for sure. Sorry for your loss.
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    Thank you all for your kind thoughts , Carol you so right i do cherish what i have, and have had from great friends.

    Good news i heard today from his son and he and his new bride may be living in Canada come Jan 2017. So i will take my buddys son under my wing and introduce him to Canada the way i did fly fishing.
    We both excited about it. He still calls me Uncle Rob like i need reminding of my age. Lol

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