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Thread: Lucky, Again!

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    Lucky, Again!

    Had another round of severe pop-up storms roll over me yesterday evening. I was really lucky. We just had a small amount of rain, high winds and thunder and lightning. Just north of me a little over two miles, they really got hammered. Heavy rains, hail, high winds, power outages, and so on. If it had come a bit more south there is no telling what could be. Dodged another one. A couple of years ago I remember going to the gate behind the shop that goes to the back pastures to the north and watch a tornado rip across from east to west. Probably about a mile away, maybe a bit more. I just stood there smoking one of my "once in a while" cigars to see if it was going to head south towards me. Didn't. Whew!!!

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    Friday we had one of those pop up's here... rain hard enough that it was difficult to see the barn across the road and the wind was ferocious... I have a double trunked maple right in front of the house by the driveway... the trunk divides at about 4 feet up and we were watching very closely to see if it might split.... the top was sure twisting in the wind.... also expected to hear one or two of the Bradfords that lines my property line to maybe snap.... the rain beat my squash and zucchini plants to the ground.

    We did have a shop in Seymore, about 40 miles north of me and east of Knoxville that lost their roof and it blew into the Dollar General next door... both stores say it will be 2-3 weeks before repairs are completed and they can re-open.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Yeah, these popups are usually bad news for somebody. I was just looking and they are saying the conditions will be right again later this afternoon for them to happen again. I guess we will see what we see!

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