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Thread: Brad point bits

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    Brad point bits

    What's a good set to get without going overboard on price?


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Well. The last good set I bought, 7 bits to 1/4", hex drive, were $60.00 from Lawson's.
    About 5 years ago. And they are still being used today.

    The last junk set I bought, are in the iron recycle barrel. $10.00 from an import company.

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    I bought the HSS set from Lee Valley . . . . but it is going overboard in price. I think the set cost something like $289. Haven't had them long enough to tell you a complete report, but I like them so far. BTW, I also bought one of their 3/4" brad points to drill the dog holes in my maple bench top and they were outstanding. Nice clean holes and seem as sharp on the last hole as on the first.
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    There seems to be two flavors of these; the same cheap bits in a range of prices and the good ones at a fair price. That being said a recent test showed bits costing twice as much as the winner coming in a couple steps below them.

    When I finally get tired of my cheap-o's I'm going LV. You can take some of the sting out by buying a basic set and then getting others as the need arises. A full 29 piece set in 64ths would be cool but I can see 20 of them rarely if ever being used in my experience so far.

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    I got the set of seven of these:,42240&p=42247


    Great bits. Worth the price.

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    I'm of the opinion that a lot of the high priced varieties are simply the low priced stuff with different wrappings. I have the 24 pc. Harbor Frieght 'gold' Titanium plated set. It is used extensively and I am very happy with it. They have other sets, smaller and larger and prices go up and down considerably with various promotions. I paid about $15.00 for this set.
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