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Thread: Whats your shop and tools mean to you.

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    Whats your shop and tools mean to you.

    So Carol touched on a point in Rennies shop thread about amps.

    The issue being what your shop does for you.

    Many many many years ago now I had a visit from Larry and i recall him talking about puttering around in the shop.

    Well for me i think if i lost the ability to go putter around and do something in the shop, be it making something or simply sorting of moving stuff around, well i honestly think it will be tickets for me and i will go off my rocker.

    So how important is your shop and tools to you?
    Have you given it much thought how much it means to you?

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    Well, it's had two years of neglect with my time diverted to hanging with the grandson. Now that I have a little more free time, I'm working to re-claim my shop. I'm trying to refocus and get it cleaned out, purging a few old hobbies and things that are simply clutter, so I can set things up for current interests. I've found with organization, my mind can focus on the creativity and enjoy. That said, I'd rather still spend the time with the grandson, but guess I've got to be a normal grandparent at some point and spoil him and send him home.

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    I find that I cannot do my day job without the counterbalance of being in the shop. So much so, that I currently rent space to putter in until I can get a shop built again. Its a little inconvenient but it is better than crawling up a wall. And its not that far away. And it has some really cool tools I don't own that are available to me, like the laser and 3d printers (which I haven't used - yet). and some really smart people hang there so brain picking is absurdly easy. Next cool tool is the 3d scanner. Think about using that with a cnc machine!

    The day job is very taxing in every sense. Helping people carry their baggage until they can handle it by themselves along with weekly worship prep and mediating human interactions tries the patience of Job! I would totally collapse if I couldn't immerse myself in a building project like the current cnc cabinet build. Once I have a system working on that thing it stays working. People aren't that simple! And I really look forward to being creative with the machine, to see what it can do and to see what I can do with it. Right now all the other machines just play a role in supporting that machine.

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    Soon to find out I think.

    We are seriously thinking about downsizing. The house is way too big for the 2 of us and the property taxes are pretty steep for 2 retired folks. So at best it means my shop will be downsized dramatically or I'll have no shop at all. The real estate market is coming back so the time could be right in the next 6 months or so.
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    It means my sanity! I sometimes forget that I need to spend time in the garage/shop until I become a cranky and short fused at work or worse with the wife or daughter. They both know to tell me "Go turn something now!" The shop, even if just cleaning up or sorting drawers for 20-30 minutes really does calm me and get me back to the usual happy camper I am most of the time. The hot summer months are the worse, but sweat is better than cranky Jeff!!
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    Working in the shop definitely keeps me balanced. Even though I am still kinda hobbling around with this stupid knee, I gotta get out there and play with some wood. It doesn't matter if I finish something that day or not. What matters is I did something constructive, and the shop is where that happens for me.

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    My shop...

    It's where I go when I have a spare minute.

    It's what recharges this little introvert of mine.

    My shop isn't just where I go to make things I enjoy.

    It's soul nourishing.

    It's psyche recharging.

    It's my piece of heaven.

    It's a very large part of what defines me as a human being.

    It's where I go when everything else needs to just stop for a bit.

    It's the pathway to leaving this world with things that hopefully outlast my body and keeps memories alive for my loved ones.

    My shop is the only place on this planet that can speak honestly about who I am. How (dis)organized I am. How scatterbrained i am. What my current interests are, and what they have been.

    My shop... is an extension of my heart and mind.

    It's where I express myself.

    The love I pour into my shop is the love that pours out of it into gifts for loved ones.

    My shop ... is me.
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    it is stress management.
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    What it means to me?

    I could live in a 2 story garage. Shop on first floor - living quarters on 2-nd floor - don't need much for living quarters.

    I have given LOTS of thought to it. Being 3.5 to 4 years away from retirement and planning what to do after - the shop and yard is essential to the plan.
    I will NOT downsize until I CANNOT do the physical any longer.

    I cannot sit still - I need something to do.

    I had a conversation a few years ago with Diane. She thought we should spend time taking the grand-kids going out places. I tried to do that, but its just not me. I told her that if she wants to do that to do it on the cheap, but for me, no.

    In summer - I am barefoot, tattered shorts with paint dirt and stains. My feet are likely dirty. I wear a worn out tee shirt with holes, paint, glue stains. In winter a hoodie woodsman jacket brown flannel, a tattered sweatshirt and jeans, and shoes. I ALWAYS have something in the works. I want the kids to have memories of Pepe' in the shop or yard with tools cutting, painting, building, sanding. Sometimes they help me, sometimes just playing and running around.

    July 4-th I wore clean clothes and didn't work in the some. We were having a family day. My daughter asked me what was wrong when they arrived. I said it was an image adjustment. Later in the day after sitting for too long I fired up the chainsaw but got too much push back.

    Just the thought of selling off my tools, wood and shop is painful to even think about.

    I need my shop and yard - plain and simple. Diane understands it fully well also.

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    The best way for me to describe what my shop means to me is to explain the criteria we had for moving for retirement. I was doing OK using our 2-car garage as a shop; fully equipped and I could move everything to one side so my wife could park her car inside at night. Our new location had to have ample room to build a shop. We weren't looking for a big house; just something nice for the two of us and definitely one story. What we found was a place at the end of a cul-de-sac with a hair over an acre, a one story house and an existing shop building.

    The shop building was 16' wide by 36' deep with a loft area. If I had done nothing, I would have had an area of more than a 2-car garage, but both my wife and I wanted to enlarge it. From the time our offer was accepted, I began to draw up an addition. At first, I was just going to double the square footage but my wife kept encouraging me to go bigger. So, I ended up doing a 20' extension the full 36' deep. Overall, we've made more of an investment in the shop building than in changes to the house. I also built a 12' by 20' lawn equipment building in the corner of the property.

    I spend varying amounts of time in my shop, depending on what's happening. Some days, it's just a few minutes; others I might be in there all day long. For me, it's a way to use my creative side and make things for us, family and friends.
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