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Thread: It's Friday - 7/15/2016 Edition

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    It's Friday - 7/15/2016 Edition

    TGIF! I'm meeting some old co-workers for our monthly lunch and I think we've got a happy hour with some other friends tonight. Tomorrow I'm probably going to be busting up part of my pool deck to work on a leak in my return line. If I survive that, I'm needing to get some cabinets ready to install in the Laundry Room and replace the decking on my trailer.

    What's on every one else's plate this weekend?

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    working on getting furniture ready, and all that good stuff....
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    Don' t know what the weekend will bring... will spend today tearing down the lathe again and replacing a broken pulley.
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    Trying to stay cool. I worked outside all day yesterday with 100 degree heat index weather and sweated off more than five pounds. Thanks to others for the lemon water tip to ward off cramps. Now I just need a fountain base to finish up the back patio project. Got company coming, so will be cleaning and rearranging in preparation. Despite an abundance of rabbits that have figured out how to levitate over my fence, the garden is producing like crazy and keeps us busy freezing and canning. It is very close to BLT time as the big tomatoes are almost ready!

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    Did more prep (spray sealer) this morning(Friday) on some boards I'll use to make name plaques. Finishing an SU drawing for a decorative panel to replace the one that's missing from the glass doors on our 100-year-old secretary.

    Saturday should be adding topcoat to the name boards in preparation to apply vinyl mask for carving them on my CNC.

    Sunday - the usual routine with me preparing brunch, then settling in for NASCAR.
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    Looks like work/work is on tap for the weekend. So probably not a lot of shop time. But I will find time to soak my cares away out in the pool!
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    Yahd work.

    I got to spread 60 yahds of loam.

    Solar installation is ongoing.

    The shed needs a ramp.

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    Hope to be outside most of the weekend as the temps should be in the high 70s low 80s for highs. We turned off the AC and opened up the house last night haven't done that in quite a while. Bike ride and picnic planned for tomorrow and then patio time with some friends in the evening.

    Next week brings 100+ heat indexes for about 10 days.
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    Planning and playing outside with the tape measure. Oh, and the never ending honey do list.
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    It's gonna be too hot here to do much outside, but I plan to spread a little chemical warfare love on the insects and weeds in our yards. We've been seeing (and smooshing) scorpions again this year, so I've been spraying with a commercial grade insecticide about every 6 weeks. And with gravel landscaping like we have in large parts of the yard, Roundup is the most effective for keeping the weeds down.

    I'm also planning to spend some quality (read: air conditioned) time playing around with a new audio mixer for the bands I'm in. It's the Behringer X-Air XR18 and it has no knobs or sliders...everything is controlled via a tablet. I'm evaluating it to see if we want to keep it or go with a more conventional analog board.
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