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Thread: How a cricket bat is made

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    How a cricket bat is made

    Since all the forum members love the sport of Cricket, I thought I'd share these videos:

    and this is how it is made in Pakistan:

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    Cricket is awesome. Seems like the handling of the ones made in Pakistan would make for a better bat. Each is handled by someone used to handling them. If it wasn't in balance a human would more apt to make adjustments to make one feel right, where the machine made one would simply be a cookie cutter. Just my perception of watching both videos.

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    That was fun to watch. I played a little 'sandlot' cricket as a boy. Wasn't very good. When I came to Canada I had to learn baseball. Sucked at that too. Cricket is played here in St. Catharines, mostly by Caribbeans. I have watched some Indian cricket late at night. I'd have a lot to learn. Silly mid-leg, indeed!

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    Oh boy cricket,,,what a fun sport

    The only sport that puts me to sleep faster than baseball and curling

    Cool video though
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    i had 3 guys from india try to explain cricket to me, didn't work....
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    The two videos show distinctly different paths to essentially the same destination. Thanks for posting them, Mohammad.
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