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Thread: Another SketchUp Resource

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    Another SketchUp Resource

    In case you haven't seen it I tohought I'd point out a new SketchUp resource. Bob Babcock, Tim Killen and I have been asked by fine Woodworking to collaborate on Design. Click. Build. A blog to teach woodworkers some of the basics of computer aided design, specifically SketchUp. Bob and Tim bring a lot of experience to the table and I think you'll find the information they have to share useful.

    Design. Click. Build.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Thanks Dave.

    Just today I went to Goggle D and downloaded a bunch of cabinet stuff. Caught that in one of your previous posts

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    Thanks for the info Dave.
    i will check it out today

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    Thanks for the link, a lot of helpful info there.
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    Thanks for the link, and just as importantly, congrats on the new gig.
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    Congratulations Dave

    Thanks for the link
    Cheers! - Jim

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    Thank you all and I hope you'll get some useful info from it.
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