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    shoe shine box

    I have a friend that's a former student / player that owns a barbershop. He contacted me last week and wanted to know if I'd make him a shoe shine box for his supplies. He sent me a picture of one similar to this one. I added his name and the name of his business. He said he wanted a medium color. The box is oak and the dividers are cherry. I used dye and several coats of spray acrylic for the finish. I left the cherry natural.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice. Way better than the cardboard box I use! But then again, I haven't had to wear a shoe with polish in many years.....
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    Great looking box John!

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    Beautiful box, John! Brings back memories of the old gentleman that had a shoe shine chair set up near the weapons controller school at Tyndall AFB in Florida back in the mid sixties. For a buck he would make those leather shoes glisten. There was bunches of us at that school. I always figured he did pretty darn well for himself.

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    Very neat, John.

    My dad had a shoe shine box with a foot rest on it, and I shined a lot of boots and shoes with it and its contents as I was growing up. By the time he passed away, the box was pretty much worn out, so my sisters and I decided not to keep it. We have a lot of other things we've kept to remember him (and my mom) by.
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    Cool box John i think he is going to love it. Well done.

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    Excellent work, John!
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    Very nice, I made a similar one in shop class in 6th grade a loooooong time ago,mine wasn't as nice and was made of pine. I did shape the top handle so it was easier to pick up.Mine did not have a fancy smancy name on it either.
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