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    Computer mouse

    I thought i would share this experience in the event someone else has a similar experience.

    So i have a small logitech wireless optical mouse. Cool little device and i run it on a flex optical mousepad.

    I thought (we all know what happened to thought) this would be my last mouse for a long time. Why? Well given there are only the two mouse switches as moving parts one would expect that if it gets to being past the infant mortality rate area of its lifecycle that it would go on for many years.

    Wrong. Its been failing to "hold" on to a point when clicking on the screen holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor across to highlight something to be able to say right click and copy paste .

    Well its been weird not consistently doing it. Then in my paranoid state i started to suspect my actual computer of gremlins. Well while at a client the other day doing some work on Excell with them, it played up. My client suggested we swap mouse and sure enough his wireless mouse worked after install.

    I am not going to diagnose any further, its going in the bin, and i will get a new one hopefully of the same kind because its been a good one until now.

    So before you dive into your puter check out your mouse.

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    I sure am glad we don't have those mouses with the balls inside that kept getting lint bound

    Wonder what the next generation will be.

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    Oh, there is no telling what will be next. I use just a plain wired Logitec mouse. Works all the time. Never a problem. Of course I have a wire to deal with. I have thought about going wireless, and I am sure I will. Just not what I consider a priority in life today. Or, tomorrow probably. Someone will probably invent a mouse that works off of your brain or some other weird kind of thing. With technology today, it's anybody's guess.

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    When i bought my new HP laptop a couple months ago, I ordered a Logitech bluetooth mouse to go with it. I had a Logitech USB wireless mouse on my old laptop because it didn't have bluetooth. The only noticeable difference is the bluetooth mouse has an invisible light source for tracking - no red laser.
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    Same as Bill, have the logitech wireless, works well, unless you're working on a mirrored top desk. Actually I have a spot on my table at home that has some black paint that my mouse will stall on, so have to move over a few inches to get it to move.

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    I'm like Dave, I still have a tail on my mouse that's connected to my tower... works pretty much all the time. 'course I'm also still working on a 12+ year old Dell tower running XP... I have noticed that on my wife's lap top and wire less mouse, there seems to be a slight, very slight, delay in the drag on her cursor... I do have her cast off laptop that she got as a cast off from a friend that i've taken out to my shop and thinking about hooking up there and seeing if I can link to my tower as a mini Lan... will need a mouse for it as I hate the touch pads on a lap top.
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    Went the wireless route and never found anything I liked about them. Every one I've had still use up a USB port. I went back to a Logitec track ball, use with either hand (I usually mouse left handed for ergonomic reasons). I have 3 computers outfitted with them, usually replace one/year, but they work.

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    I got the Logitech Touchpad T650 several years ago and I never going back to a mouse again. Got it mostly when I went to Win8 because using a conventional mouse was a nightmare. Love the T650 have to charge it every few weeks but it charges quickly from a USB port, and you will use up a USB as a send/rec unit, but it is so small, I can use a front USB and still close the cover (I never use the front ones anyways) This thing is the next best thing to touchscreen, allows gestures, single tap, double tab, triple tap, even pinch function to expand/collapse screen, you can swipe up/down/left/right and customize to your liking. If you are running Win 8, 8.1 or 10 and don't have a touchscreen, this is the only way to fly.

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