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Thread: Never give up

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    Never give up

    Well as a friend of mines wife used to say in a heavy Scottish accent " No Surrender Robert"

    Right now i am so excited i had to come inside sit down calm down and have a cup of tea.

    With having 220v in the shop again, i set about taking another look at my jointer.

    Thanks to Glenn once posting about replacing the centrifugal switch on something he had, last time I ordered ( i think it is capacitor No 3 ) from Grizzly I decided for the few extra bucks to throw in the centrifugal switch.

    Well its been 4 years since i had access to 220v, in the prior shop i tried running the jointer off the 220v generator i had but it never got up to speed. I blamed the generators capacity which i think in hindsite was unfair. Anyhow with being once bitten and twice shy i felt best to just leave the whole lot till i have 220v.

    Its been so frustrating not having my jointer and having loads of rough wood. DUH if its not one thing its the other.

    I began to build a sled in the old place to make a plan and use my planner but that never go finished before we moved.

    Well after watching Grizzlys excellent video on You tube on how to check the capacitor ( which i already knew) i waited to see how they recommend adjusting the centrifugal switch as i was going to change mine out regardless of its condition.

    Here is the video for anyone with starter cap issues on any machine.

    Certainly speaks volume of their support when they share the knowledge like this in a way that makes it accessible for all.

    So i am pleased to announce the motor fired up first time and all is tickety boo as my mother in law would say.

    Now i can get the motor back in the machine and get jointing some of that rough cherry i have .

    I have a copy of a Diresta project planned.

    Only difference is i will not be using narrow strips nor will i be making it for inside.

    My plan is to make a torsion style box and cover it with wider cherry strips and use it to cover the steel frame of our outdoor table where the glass broke.

    Will make a separate post about that project once i get started.

    First i have to get a grip on myself and calm down, the joy and relief of getting that 3hp motor going is a real treat.

    Having space and place with power to tinker cannot be built for giving one a fresh perspective of course provided tinkering gives you a kick.

    So my motto is "Never Give UP". Tom, Frank you guys are recovering but keep the faith and you will see your shop again.

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    Good to see you being able to get out and start making stuff again.

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    I can't see this post without thinking of the movie 'Galaxy Quest'

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    Well I've been wanting to use my tools the place where we have our house hold goods

    stored only has a 110V plug outside between the 2 roll up doors. Well not to long ago

    we purchased a 8750 KW gen set it has 220V capacity so either way I have 110V. The

    storage area we are in also had the stairway out of the corner by the roll up door so we

    were paying $25 less than the rest of the renters but I talked to the owners & for the

    other $25 I got the use of a portion of the upstairs so I can now shift some of the items

    & clear an area in front of the roll up door to make room for my Dad's older Craftsman

    Table saw I saved the nice base with castors I made for my Craftsman table saw to

    mount it on . I'll be able to use my 6” jointer on 220V & the portable planer on 110V

    as well as Hitachi SCMS & other 110V tools.
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    That's exciting Rob. I love it when the dawn breaks on an old problem
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