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Thread: JessEm Miter-R-Excel

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    JessEm Miter-R-Excel

    Hi, New to the forum. Thought I'd post my review of the JessEm Miter-R-Excel.

    Anyway, I finally took the plung and bought a new miter. Had looked at the Incra, Osborne, Kreg, Rockler, and JessEm. I decided to go with the JessEm. It was probably the more expensive of the ones I compared, but I think it's going to be well worth the extra $$$ as it looked to be the best quality. Got it for $200 on Amazon (including shipping). The Incra would have been my second choice, but this one seemed to be better quality. It weighs in at 15 lbs.

    Out of the box and assembled...Nothing too hard, mostly slipping each part into the other and tightning the brass knobs.

    Support could use a flip-out support at the bottom of the extension end for longer stock, but can add that. A 1/4 bolt head slips right into the grooves of the fence. The white strip on top is a measuring tape that can be slid left or right and locked down. The extension and cut stop each have markers that overhang this ruler. The extension goes out from 26" to 36".

    Closeup of the main body. Didn't quit understand the pins at first, but the first pin gets you within 5 degrees of your desired setting, the second pin sets it from 0 - 2.5 degrees in either direction at .5 degree increments. Works really well.

    Cut Stop, can flip up out of the way. Would have liked a fine tuner on this but may have to see how much I use it first.

    Stop is heavy duty, doesn't slide real well, but doesn't move when set either.

    Miter slot adjustments are made from brass, the Incra's were nylon disks. There is a hex set screw on the top side that expands this side out for a snug fit. There are three of them down the side of the guide.

    True test...cut out a hexagon, no gaps.

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    Thanks for the review, and welcome to the clubhouse, Darren.

    I've got the Incra 1000SE, and have been real happy with it, but the JessEm was also under close consideration when I was shopping. Looks like a great tool.
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    Welcome to Family Woodworking Darren and thanks for the review.

    I have owned a JessEm Miter-R-Excel of about a year and a half and I highly recommned it to others.

    My only complaint is that it does not done with a dual Imperial/Metric scale becuase I do most of my work in metric. I have purchased a sticky metric tape and plan to install it on the back of the sliding insert some day.
    Cheers, Frank

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