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Thread: Friday Friday, so good to see

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    Friday Friday, so good to see

    Cooler weather after the rains last night, Working on getting the bug ready for paint. Sanding and typing. All I need now is the paint to arrive.
    It would be cool to drive in to NH , But with no AC Something tells me that's not going to happen. LOL
    Maybe get a bike ride in this weekend.
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    What a busy week! Cannot say I am ready for Friday. But here it is. Appointment with TSA this morning to get pre-screened ID for up coming flight to the East coast in three weeks. Picking up some goodies from the Post Office I ordered last week. Work some for the church today, defrost the refrigerator and dump the tanks. Then if any energy remains, work on the Mini Table saw project so I can get back to the CNC cabinet. Tomorrow is all day at the lab; set up the air compressor for the plasma cutter, make MDF templates for the FEL for Big John and work on the table saw fence. Not to mention sermon prep for Sunday which is a normal work day for me. Meeting and visitation after the service, drive home and crash. Come on, vacation! I am ready for one.

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    Lost a bit of time arguing with the bandsaw. Started vibrating real bad and took it apart thinking one of the bearings went out on one of the wheels. No. The tire on the bottom wheel slipped in one spot creating sort of a gap which caused the blade to dip and rise causing the vibe. Got all of that corrected so everything in the shop is now working. Actually slept in this morning. Wheeeee!!!! That's rare. Went and saw Secret Life of Pets yesterday and it was a blast! I highly recommend it. It's so muggy out there from the slight rains we got here it's gonna be a sauna out there shortly. Not sure what all I will get done, but I'll get something done. Maybe. Could be. Hope so.

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    Hot and humid weather broke over night...woke up to 60 degrees and now humidity!! Now I'm stuck inside until after work, but then I'll be outside most of the weekend. Need to finish up a walking stick order and just picked up a couple big chunks of cherry I want to rough turn too. Happy Friday!!
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    Friday: In my shop for a while this morning - sanding some name plaques so I can spray another coat of sealer.

    Saturday: Add color coats to name plaques and do a little shop cleanup.

    Sunday: The usual: Brunch, chill, NASCAR, chill, etc. Then, we'll have dinner at a neighbor's.
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    more work on furniture and such....
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    Need to finalize some of our vacation plans to Seattle. Probably putting the new pole saw to use and some other yard cleanup. Need to scope the return side of my pool to find a break and determine if we're going to shut it down for the rest of the season or if it's an easy fix. I need to get back to the Laundry room project and get the cabinets painted for it.

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    I will get back to the shed project.

    I might even get to start on the sliding barn door.

    Still cleaning the shop.

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    Replacing shock absorbers at all four corners of my Colorado, then a tuneup and oil change for the same vehicle on Saturday. Long overdo on the shocks. Then I might finish stripping down an old 5 panel door that I am re purposing to be a queen size headboard. I was just going to scrape it down good and paint it white but my wife thinks she might like it to have a more natural finish. I'm good either way and really would prefer to get it stripped down to bare wood. We'll have grandkids for part of the weekend so it remains to be seen how much actually gets done.

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    Going to a bench rest match at my gun club Saturday, after that , who knows Maybe yard work if my health will allow.

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