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Thread: HELP. Need some red cedar veneer

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    HELP. Need some red cedar veneer

    I am in need of some red cedar veneer. When "red cedar veneer" I mean the kind of red cedar that you line closets with. I am using 3/4" red cedar plywood and need some veneer to cover up the edges with. Does anyone know if they make that type of veneer and where to purchase it?

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    One thing you could do is rip some strips of plywood a bit wider than the thickness of the plywood. Then, cut off a thin layer of the surface veneer. You'd have an exact match that way.
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    You may be able to find some at a lumber specialty store. Or, you could obtain a cedar board of appropriate length and take very thin slices off it with a fine cutting table saw blade. I have used thin slices cut in this way (a by product of milling a board to size) to cover plywood edges.

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    Thanks Roger!!

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    Thanks Bill!

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    There are 2 places I always look for the less common veneers (Cedan, a manufacturer; and Veneer Supplies, a supplier) and neither of them list an edge banding in red cedar. (Veneer Supplies indicates they can get custom veneers as you want $$$$, I would think). My guess is that you won't find this stuff easily, so the above suggestions may be more expeditious as well as a lot cheaper.
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    I see it sold as both a veneer and a drawer/project liner on Amazon.
    Is the project one, where you could adjust the plywood size, and instead of trying to cut a thin piece of veneer, just use a larger cedar trim board? (maybe want more of a round edge, then a straight one)

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