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Thread: Little saturday rust hunt.

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    Little saturday rust hunt.

    Driving by the Habitat store on the way to the farmers market this morning I noticed a sign that said "50% off" - turns out it was 50% off of everything. And someone had just dropped off a fresh box of goodies right when we got there so it was my lucky day!!

    Whole pile for $20

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Full list of goodies from left to right across the top
    • A medley of square and triangular rasps/files. Mostly pretty good shape (one box full).
    • over a dozen basically new chainsaw files,
    • over a dozen new (old) hacksaw blades and three packages of NOS jigsaw blades. - that's not rust it's paint they're in perfect shape (and all but one USA made simonds/vermont american).
    • an almost cherry condition US made Nicholson fine round rasp (the large round rasp in the middle) which is imho the real find here I'd have been plumb happy with just finding that..
    • a basically new Nicholson coarse rasp and a couple of other round files and a square rasp in "ok" to "decent" shape.
    • a pair of brand new (maybe used once) rotary rasps
    • Some nail sets in really good shape (except one which has a good tip but the top had been hammered over.. weird) and a center punch (for the price it was hard to say no... I'm always mislaying those somewhere).
    • a set of ok butt chisels, nothing special but they should clean up ok and I know someone who could use a set so they'll make a decent give ($3.50 for the set!)
    • a nice little block plane; not that I need another one, but $2!! and again I can cherry pick from the stash and gift the least loved one.
    • a decidedly mediocre caliper, but it'll be a good beater for transfer measurements anyway.
    • a Atkins coarse rip saw in pretty good shape with some nice engraving on the handle which is in great shape (machine carved not hand but still nice), no etch but the rust is only surface and looks like it should clean off easily. I don't actually have a really coarse rip so this will be a nice addition to the till ($0.50 at that price I'd have bought it for the saw nuts!!).

    That was before the quick stop at the estate sale where I picked up an almost full quart of actual real genuine neats foot oil (not that half linseed oil junk) for $0.50 and a nice light Gerber french style chefs knife (440C RC60-62 + stainless handle) for $10 for loml (the german and japanese knives we have are a bit large for her hand).

    I just don't hardly ever see loot like this around this area so I'm pretty pleased.
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    Heck of a nice score, Ryan.
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    Good trip!!!

    What is a Habit store, or is Habit the name of the store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    What is a Habit store, or is Habit the name of the store?
    Habitat for Humanity - they have stores around where folks donate excess construction material, tools, etc... I took a truckload of woodworking books and magazines down to ours a couple years ago and they were using them as instruction material for some of the folks doing their house building.

    As for me I'm in my habitat when indulging in my habit of acquiring tools I don't strictly need
    Love thy neighbor, yet pull down not thy hedge.

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    Jim, Its Habitat for Humanity or the ReStore. There is one in Escondido, Temecula and Riverside, if you are trekking through any of those places.

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    Nice haul.

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