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Thread: Shop apron recommendations

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    Shop apron recommendations

    I'm getting a bit tired of looking for where I last laid down my tape measure and pencil for the most part, I'm wanting to get into the habit of putting on an apron or tool belt when I'm working out in the shop.

    Currently I'm looking at the duluth trading aprons:

    I'm leaning towards that second one, but am a bit concerned I wouldn't wear it as much being longer and the shop isn't cooled in the summer months. Pocket wise, the first one looks a bit more appealing, but afraid I'd get it loaded down with tools and stuff also making it not so comfortable to wear.

    Anyway, I was just curious what others use.

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    I've got that first one. I actually like it, but it won't keep the paint off your pants!

    The nice thing about it though is it really doens't hang on your neck, There's a strap that helps distribute the weight.

    The pockets will fill up with sawdust if you do anything that generates a lot of dust/shavings.

    I have a lee valley one that has a top pocket for pencils and a small ruler, and a larger waist pocket with a flap. It won't fill up as fast with shavings, but it's also not quite as friendly for dropping in a tape measure.

    I do like that first one for most things though.
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    I picked up my dad a custom made one from someone recommended on Sawmill, years ago. Actually I haven't seen him wear it in some time. I think of an apron more as a turning, welding, or kitchen tool. I do have a large belt, but that is more of a ladder one. In most cases, I am more of a bdu type of person, with maybe an old toolbox tray for larger items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    ...The pockets will fill up with sawdust if you do anything that generates a lot of dust/shavings...
    I've got a couple of simple single-pocket shop aprons that I would wear sometimes when doing finishing or turning wet wood. (I didn't really use them to carry cargo, just keep some stuff off my clothes.) If I was turning, I'd just wear the apron inside out. That kept the pocket from filling up with shavings.
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    I wear a turners smock, I like them better than an apron. I have the Lee Valley ones.

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