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Thread: Dado adapter/insert

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    Dado adapter/insert

    Long time ago in another galaxy........ I am trying to re-arrange my shop and finding things I did not know I had!; I have this contraption, 4 discs made of aluminum, 2-11/16" in diameter numbered from 1 to 4, the two outside discs are #'s 1 and 4 with numbers around the circumference starting at #0 to the left numbers 1 to 37 in odd numbers, to the right numbers 2 to 38 in even numbers and ending with #39, discs #1 and 4 have indentions that mate with discs #2 and 3, 2 and 3 are cut in an angle and by mating these discs the saw blade is at an angle and would cut a groove like some dado heads; I assume that according to the number combinations you could vary the width of the groove, there is not a name of the product only its stamped pat. pend. I believe this came from a Company that was selling kits for making your own table saw.
    Hopefully someone remembers this Company just out of curiosity.
    Thanks, Martin

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    Sounds like a wobble dado blade. A number of companies made/make them. Hate them myself. Think it is a very dangerous blade. Threw mine out an dgot a stacked set instead. Much more comfortable with those.

    Problem as I see it (or don't see it) is that the cut is wider than what my eye perceives as the spinning blade. Very disconcerting.

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