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Thread: Is your shop air conditioned?

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    Is your shop air conditioned?

    My shop is not air conditioned. When it gets real hot I simply don't go out there. However, as I get older I look for ways to my my life more enjoyable so I'm going to look for a way to add it.
    However until then I was just your shop air conditioned?

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    My office in the shop has a window ac unit, I run a small thermostat controlled heater in the winter, but the rest of the shop is unconditioned. It's only and 8' x 8' office, but gives me a chance to go in and cool off or warm up. On days like today where it's 106* heat index, I'll skip going out there all together. On days where it's not quite this hot and any breeze, I can usually open both doors (front and back) and let the breeze blow through and be comfortable. If we decide to stay here, I'll someday insulate and enclose the ceiling to be able to heat it in the winter, but doubt I'd do an a/c unit other than on the office area.

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    Yes my Dungeon is air conditioned, here in the summer with the humidity if it is not, my tools rust.
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    yes for tool safty and its comfy when i do go in there during the heat
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    My shop is not air conditioned, but the ventilation is excellent. I work outside.

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    My shop has no AC. Or, heating. It's a metal 3 car garage open in the front. I have two of those old swamp coolers blowing on me, without the water. Sure don't want that blowing on power equipment. They move a tremendous amount of air with is a good thing when it's getting up to 104-106, and that's without the heat index. When it is in the dead heat of the summer, I am only out there from the moment there is enough sunshine for me to see and have enough coffee in me to function. I stop working usually around 2pm and by then it's hit around 100 or so. I have thermometer over the lathe and when it shows about 95, with the fans blowing, it's at least a 100 outside. So, that's time to shut the machinery down. I usually have a few small things left to do outside before I shut down for the day.

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    Radiant heat during the winter, and a window AC during summer. The AC also helps dehumidify, so lowers likelihood of rust.
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    More concerned about heating than cooling in this part of the world. We might get a week or two where the temp would touch 90F and people think we're all gonna die! I have great cross ventilation and have never had a problem with summertime condensation/rusting.
    Heating is by a ceiling mounted 4800 watt electric unit heater. In the winter we can get strange weather spikes up to +10C for a day, which will cause major sweating on previously frozen surfaces in the unheated part of the barn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Rideout View Post
    More concerned about heating than cooling in this part of the world. We might get a week or two where the temp would touch 90F and people think we're all gonna die! I
    Kind of the same here. No a/c in the house except in the bedroom. We usually don't have more than a few weeks of hot humid weather in the summer months. The past few days have been brutal though.
    Winter is heated by forced hot air. Even when it's below ) outside the shop stays at about 60-65 degrees.
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    My shop is about 36x24. I have an 8,000BTU window AC unit that I keep at 85 just to knock off a little heat on really hot days. I also have a thermostat-controlled electric heater I run in Winter to keep the shop at 50. When I'm working on cold days, it doesn't take too long for the DC and tools to warm up the shop more.
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