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Thread: Big Update on My Spray Booth

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    Big Update on My Spray Booth

    I had to expand my painting booth in order to spray finish this fine panel.

    I added some side panels and a way to hold the item being finished up off of the dirty shop floor.

    I do have a complaint. The rheostat on my wind machine does not work too well. Over on the right side of the panel the air blows to the right. On the left side of the panel the air blows to the left.
    In either case the air volume and velocity are too great.

    Iíll give it about 18 hours and try again (Iím glad that I am working on the primer). However I have to be careful or the shop's attic floor (where the panel is going) will look better than the main shop floor.

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    Funny thing there Jim, your spray booth looks a lot like mine! I do have to agree that the airflow is generally really good if a bit erratic.
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    Paint brush negates the airflow in your fine paint chamber.

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    I myself like the baffles you've installed behind your paint booth to help control air flow too!

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    i was thinking that you read the instructions well, two light coats are better than one heavy one
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    One big plus of designing and building your own spray booth is being able to come up with custom configurations that simply are not available on the commercial market. I can only guess what someone would have to pay to have a spray booth comparable to yours.
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    At least your spray booth is in the norm with the majority of finishers out there. If you not under water restrictions a good sprinkling of the floor should help you out.
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