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Thread: It's wood yha know

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    It's wood yha know

    So we were looking at a table for sale in the Pennsic marketplace. As we looked it over with the master craftsman my wife notes that the boards are not the same length. She asks if this is going to bother me. He pipes up with a response of well the table is made out of wood, wood is natural and you can't expect it to line up. I informed her that it will be fine I will just recut it when we get home. Today I recut it, sanded the table and put some teak oil on it. He needs to resquare his saw the two boards that make up the top where out of square by an 1/8" And he could do what I did and cut the top after it is assembled so the boards line up.
    I should add that he does not sand anything but the plugs he puts in the screw holes. And this is an outdoor folding camp table.
    A link to his web site
    The other small OCD irritant is that when he says he uses white and red oak. He means it. You just don't expect them to both be on the same chair.
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    i used to know a guy when i went to rendezvous, a carpenter by trade, who made tables like that, and chairs like that out of salvaged pallet wood. but nowhere near the prices that this guy charges. one good thing about his folding tables, was that the bottom boards had curves cut into them, for placement of one's water barrel.
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    It's wood, ya know, so that's probably what made his saw go out of square. Or some such lame excuse.
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    He probably made it when the some of the wood was still green and it was still least that is the story I would have used.....

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